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Greenhouse Controller

The UniPilot is the ultimate manager of the entire greenhouse, capable of automatically controlling various environmental controlling hardware such as vents, quilts, and fertigation machines. It leverages the scientific predictions from the Harvest-code’s proprietary crop model UniGro and a wide array of sensing and imaging devices to develop scientifically sound environmental control strategies. This provides a solid scientific foundation for intelligent cultivation. The UniPilot is an all-in-one smart greenhouse solution that saves you money, effort, and time.
By imbedding the UniGro AI crop model, the UniPilot conducts intelligent assessment and recommendations. The UniGro model absorbs a wide array of data such as plant images from surveillance cameras, sensor data, and weather forecast data. Through the power of machine learning, the model estimates the developmental time points of various organs throughout the crop's lifecycle. This enables effective monitoring and prediction of the crops. Consequently, it provides robust decision-making support for environmental control in the greenhouse.