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About us

About us

Who Are We?

Harvest-Code Technology (Nanjing) Ltd. aims to provide farmers with sustainable agricultural solutions. We use innovative technologies to establish precise and effective cultivation guidance systems. We also provide sales platforms for agricultural products, in order to help growers improve production, quality and profitability. In addition to economic benefits, we also hope to create environmental benefits through science and technology, by reducing fertilizer and pesticide uses, utilizing resources more efficiently. We strive to catch up and surpass the world's most advanced technologies in the shortest possible time, and contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Our team members are elites in the industry. We have renowned scientists who have been deeply immersed in this field for many years; we have former leaders from multination agricultural companies, we also have agricultural staff of the new generation who have been working on the frontline of countryside to drive rural development; our diligent serial entrepreneurs who joined us and shared same vision. We have come together and united at Harvest-Code based on our respect for the colleagues, our belief in science, our reverence of the nature, and our desire for food safety. Agriculture has ushered in the spring of development, and we hope to work with our employees and partners to welcome great success in the field of modern agriculture!

Cooperative Partner

Cooperative Partner




Turing AI Institute of Nanjing